How our SEO features can help improve my website?

Our SEO software can help you identify the changes you need to implement on your website so you can gain ranking opportunities in the SERPs. In addition, we can help you discover coding issues that may not have been aware of and can show you how to correct them to increase your website speed and improve user experience.


Our Software Features

Below are some of the features you will find with our SEO software

SaaS SEO Software
Features of our software's software is designed to improve your website SEO including coding issues related to web page speed. It gives you tools to improve your code, SEO issues and extract data so our software can analyze issues and audit for common errors related to rankings. Our tools are made for websites of all sizes. Our software gathers and analyzes your data so your team can make better decisions on how to improve your rankings. SEO Agencies will benefit from our technology and discover better ways to improve their rankings in the SERPs.


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Features for our SEO software

Analyze Web Page and Correct Errors

Run an analysis with our website crawler and discover issues within your site such as review meta robots and directives, audit hreflang attributes, meta data, broken images css and javascript and more. We will analyze your data and offer your solutions for coding and optimization issues including AI-powered generation tools to assist you with changes.

Our web crawler scans for on page and site wide issues such as:


Internal & External: Scans for links and page elements that are Duplicate, Broken, Missing


Images: Scans for under 125 Characters, Duplicate, Broken Image, Missing Alt Tags, Alt text over 100 characters


Hyperlinks: Scans for Duplicate, Broken; Redirect 301, 302, etc.


CSS: Scans for Duplicate, Broken


Javascripts: Scans for Duplicate, Broken


Hreflang: Scans for Duplicate, Broken; Redirect 301, 302, etc.


Title: Scans for Missing, Duplicate, Above 60 characters, Below 30 characters, Same as H1, Multiple


Description: Scans for Missing, Duplicate, Above 155 characters, Below 70 characters, Multiple


Meta Keywords: Scans for Missing, Duplicate, Multiple


H1-H6 tags: Missing, Duplicate, Under 10 Characters, Over 70 Characters, Multiple


Canonical Tags: Scans for Missing, Canonical Tag not match the page’s URL, Duplicate


Rich Snippets: Scans for incorrect Schema Markup, Structured Data code errors.


Content Checker: Scans text for Spelling and Grammar errors, Word Count, Sentences, Repeated Words


PageSpeed Insights: Scans for scores for Core Web Vitals metrics of mobile and desktop devices


Download Sitemap: Scans website and adds links to XML Sitemap


Download Htaccess: Generates custom file for high-level configuration of your website

PageSpeed Insights and Analysis

Run an audit of your website's Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO for all of your pages and track changes that occur automatically so you can update your web pages. You will also get a website audit that shows the metrics for loading, speed and more.
Discover Broken Links, Errors and Redirects

Scan your website for internal and external links that have errors, broken links and images, duplicate content and images, check errors in your redirects and more. This comprehensive spider will discover links within your website that need to be updated.
Spelling and Grammar Checks

Scan your content for grammar errors, misspelled words and punctuation issues with suggestions for you to accept or reject the changes for your content.
Sitemap Tools

Auto-generate your sitemap quickly by adding your URL into our form which will crawl and analyze your site. You can manage your links so you can modify the Priority links including changing the Last Modification date and time or remove a page with our removal tool.
HTML Tools

You can minify your code or Beautify it depending on your needs. We also include several options for attributes and removal tools.
CSS Tools

Our CSS tools are an excellent way of reducing web page loading times.
arrow_forward Generate Critical CSS
You can add your current website code to Generate Critical CSS to only load above the fold CSS code.
arrow_forward Minify CSS
Strip out whitespace, comments, indentions and shorten the code so it can load quicker.
arrow_forward Beautify CSS
Format your CSS code so it is more readable and organized.
JS Tools

When you use our JS tools you can parse, minify and compress the javascript code on your website. In addition, you have the option to reorganize your JS code and make it more readable by using our Beautify option.
Image Tools

When you use our Image tools you can replace JPEG, PNG and GIF file format with WebP. If you optimize your images to WebP you can make the file up to 34% smaller allowing it to load faster and improve your website speed.
Htaccess Tools

Our Htaccess tools help you create the necessary file to compress and speed up your website files and images on a per-directory basis.
Text Tools

You can use our Text tools to improve your website content and check for spammy words and how many times it is used throughout a page.
arrow_forward Word Counter

Use this Word Counter tool to count the keyword density, characters and words on a page. Our word counter will highlight any issues you may have with grammar, spelling and punctuation. Once the issue is highlighted it will offer you suggestions to accept or reject the corrections.
arrow_forward Keyword Density Checker

View the percentage of times certain keywords or even keyphrases show up on a website as compared to how many words are on the page.
Software features coming soon

SEO Spider Tools
arrow_forward Review Meta Robots and Directives
arrow_forward Audit hreflang Attributes
arrow_forward Discover Exact Duplicate Pages
arrow_forward Site Visualizations
arrow_forward Set Your Own Crawl Limit
arrow_forward Near Duplicate Content
arrow_forward Custom robots.txt
arrow_forward AMP Crawling and Validation
arrow_forward Structured Data and Validation
arrow_forward Custom Source Code Search
arrow_forward Custom Extraction
arrow_forward Google Analytics Integration
arrow_forward Search Console Integration
arrow_forward Link Metrics Integration
arrow_forward Forms Based Authentication
arrow_forward Store and View Raw and Rendered HTML
arrow_forward Data Studio Crawl Report
Lighthouse Tools
arrow_forward File Generator
arrow_forward Audit Tracker
SEO Tools and Reports
arrow_forward Keyword Research
arrow_forward On-page SEO Performance
arrow_forward Competitor Analysis
arrow_forward Content Marketing Strategy
arrow_forward Local SEO Optimization
arrow_forward Rank Tracking for Keywords
arrow_forward Social Media Management
arrow_forward Link Building
arrow_forward Competitor SEO Analysis
arrow_forward Content Creation and Distribution
arrow_forward Content Optimization
arrow_forward Content Marketing Analytics
arrow_forward Market Analysis
arrow_forward Paid Advertising and Competitor Strategy
arrow_forward Competitor PR Monitoring and Brand Reputation
arrow_forward PPC Keyword Research
arrow_forward Website Monetization for Bloggers, Publishers and Resellers
arrow_forward Hreflang Generator
arrow_forward Schema & Rich Snippets Generator: Review Schema Markup, FAQ Rich Snippets, Breadcrumb Markup, Homepage Markup, Article Schema Markup and Organization Schema Markup