How do I use HTML validators to improve my website?

Using HTML validators when updating syntax errors on your website can help you grow your rankings and improve your user experience.


Step #5: HTML Validators

Clearing up coding issues can speed up your website and help your customers navigate your web pages with ease

Validate HTML Code for SEO
Using HTML Validator

Using the HTML Validator in our Developer Tools can help you to remove any HTML errors you may have lurking around from your webpage. This is a great resource for improving website speed while reducing errors. Our software has many useful ways to improve the validation of your html. If you’re looking for a web-based tool I recommend using our HTML Validator to remove any errors.


HTML Validator


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How to use it: To validate a document online simply add your url to the address field to see the results. Remember that each page of your website may contain different errors, especially if you are not using a CMS, so be sure to test everything


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