What types of changes will improve my website's rankings?

If you want to improve your rankings in the SERPs you will need to identify issues within your website along with correctly optimizing your web pages. Some of the most common places to start is by updating your code for Lighthouse audits, fixing Syntax Errors and correcting Critical CSS issues will help improve your website rankings.


Some SEO Steps That We Use

Steps we take to improve your rankings and improve your ad spend

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Some of the steps we use to rank websites

Over the past 2 decades we have been approached by companies who want to know how to rank high in the search engines and the tools used to improve and keep our rankings on the first page. All of the information included on this website are based on our experience and opinion so our advice should be used at your discretion. If you do not implement these suggestions correctly your results may differ. Examples used are for informational purposes only, some examples may concern copyrighted keywords, which may not be available for you to bid on in some pay per click networks. Please always check with the search engine in order to stay up to date with its policies in this regard. Also, be sure to test the links that are listed in this website or use alternative links where necessary as some companies may have gone out of business over time or the domain names may have ended up with new owners. If you have any issues or questions you can reach us.


The Purpose of these Steps

The purpose of these steps are to help website owners understand the basics on how to rank their website organically. The goal is to remove as many technical terms and in depth details as possible so you only get what you need to grow your business. These steps are not designed to teach you everything there is to know about SEO (that would take much longer to do), but rather teach users what I believe are the essentials of what you need to do for your website to rank higher. While it can seem very overwhelming at first, once you understand why you are making the changes the picture will become clear and you will learn the techniques used in ranking your website very quickly. I remember when I first had to learn all of the functions and elements of Facebook when I created my first account. It took some time to understand the terms, what each section did and how to use the features, but over time I managed my account quite easily. This is the same for ranking your website. It will take some time and effort getting familiar with the tools and building your knowledge of why you are making changes. When you finish implementing them then all you have to do is maintain the pages and make updates for new rules as they come along. For ranking organically you must have someone that can code and that can also implement SEO techniques and strategies. Without the ability to do both of these, it would be nearly impossible to rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Gaining organic rankings takes a lot of work but the rewards you’ll see from your hard work helps improve every ad campaign you create from Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising to Facebook. I will list out the steps you need to take to improve your rankings so you are not guessing on where to begin. Once you complete the steps you will be able to test your results and see first hand the improvements you made and let time take over as your website pages cycle through the different algorithms of Google such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Possum, Fred, RankBrain, and Google’s core updates.


Step #3: Rich Results