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Discover SEO issues with your website and improve your onsite SEO. Our website crawler captures a website’s code and performs site audits in real-time so you can analyze the results quickly. Our comprehensive software is a great fit for SEO agencies, web developers and businesses.

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How does our SEO Spider work?

When you subscribe to our SEO software you will discover a better way of auditing and analyzing performance metrics of your website. With a quick, easy to use interface that can be used on any device anywhere you are. Our software is designed for SEO agencies, web developers and businesses who want to improve their rankings and website performance. Our advanced website crawler captures every element of a website's code in real-time and then highlights issues and errors within the code. Problematic code can range from poor optimization, coding and validation errors, PageSpeed Insights errors and other unknown factors. Once the highlighted issues are identified then our software helps you correct these issues through our SEO and coding tools, coding generators and AI-powered generation tools before you upload the changes to your website.

➛ Fast website crawlers with a wide range of features

➛ Easy to use interface for a better user experience

➛ No software downloads, run from any device anywhere

➛ Developer tools to update errors and rescan in real time

➛ Constantly updating and improving our features

➛ AI-powered generation tools to instantly correct errors

What our software does

When you subscribe you will gain access to a wide range of software features that can help you find coding errors and show you the corrections, accelerate website speed, improve user experience and more.


SEO Spider & Audit Sites

Spidering website

Our Spider Tool is a powerful website crawler that can help you discover issues and analyze the results in real time. You will be able to discover technical SEO issues such as:


Discover Broken Links


Analyze Metadata Titles & Description


Spider JavaScript Sites


Audit Redirects (301, 302, etc)


Find Duplicate Content


Discover Low/High Character Counts


Review Internal & External Links


Review Robots & Directives

SEO & Coding Tools

SEO tools
Our SEO tool kits offer you solutions to common issues ranging from minifying and beautifying your code, creating critical css files, optimizing and compressing images for WebP and more. Some of our content features include word counter, keyword density checker and link checker that crawls your website looking for broken links.

Link Checker


Generate Critical CSS


Spelling and Grammar Checks


Beautify HTML, JS and CSS


Keyword Density Checker


CSS, JS & Text Tools


Minify HTML, JS and CSS

Code Generators
Code Generators

Sometimes it can be difficult for users to understand which method is the proper way to create their code. Using the correct code for rich snippets, sitemaps and compressing files in htaccess are important which is why we offer code generators. This feature takes the hassle out of understanding how to make it work and lets us create the code and make it work for you.


Generate XML Sitemaps


Generate Htaccess Files


Rich Snippets Generator


Schema Markup Generator

Page Analysis & Performance
Downloadable SEO files
After your website scan is complete you will be given a real-time audit and a page analysis to view including any PageSpeed Insights errors. You will then be able to automatically create, download or copy files through either our manual tools or our AI-powered generation tools that you can review and test before you make them live on your website.

PageSpeed Insights

SEO for Law Firm
Easy to use, powerful software
 (5 star review)

We used this spidering software to help us find issues we were unaware of on our website. The software worked quickly and delivered exactly what we needed to improve our website. I would recommend this software to any business looking to improve their rankings. 
Buckmiller, Boyette & Frost, PLLC
4700 Six Forks Rd Ste. 150, Raleigh, NC 27609

SEO Hospitality Industry
Quick results with just one click
 (5 star review)

I could not believe how easy it was to use this service. One click and a quick scan showed me all of the SEO problems on a single page. Once I finished updating a page I could quickly rescan and go to the next. I highly recommend this software to any small business owner. 
Side Brew
13200 Strickland Road, Raleigh, NC 27613